Tuesday, March 30, 2010

THIMUN 2010 ambassador speech

Honorable Chairs, Fellow Delegates
It is a great pleasure for Nicaragua to be present today.
As you may know, the government of Nicaragua has been an active participant in the United Nations for many years and has long emphasized the development of democracy and respect for human rights.

Nicaragua is a country impoverished by historical circumstances not unlike the
history and circumstances of the countries of our Latin American and Caribbean
region, and other countries around the world. Despite that, Nicaragua remains a land rich in beauty and natural resources. It is a nation symbolic of reconciliation, and national and international unity.

The government has opened the door to international cooperation. The FAO of the UN has selected our school nutrition program as one of the top four in the world. In that spirit, President Daniel Ortega has proposed the adoption of a Central American Agriculture Policy to transform the region into a food production zone.

Nicaragua, feels proud of its devotion to peace, honor, solidarity, and the relentless struggle against injustice.

As we know, the UN has unquestionably proven its value over the years in allowing nation states to come together on an equal basis to discuss issues of war and peace. And so this week, as you undertake your very important consultations, bear in mind that seemingly intractable situations that seem to withstand unanimous solidarity, may be resolved by inviting regional and international associations and authorities to actively participate in such discussions.
Thank you for your kind attention, and good luck with your deliberations this week.

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